Giacomo Serci

Customer service, this is the hallmark of Giacomo Serci. Customer service is important to us for selling, for knowing each other and for working together.

What we care most about is to follow our customers throughout their journey, from beginning to end.

For this we have createdspecific frameworks within the company to remain at your side in every phase:

consulenza commerciale

Business and technology service will help you choose the system most suited to your needs, clarifying any doubts, giving advice and providing estimates and assessments, both technical and economic.

consulenza finanziaria

The financial consultant will offer all necessary information, support and help for all the financial practices.

assistenza tecnica

Technical assistance consists of specialized personnel, who have completed high level training, and will zealously ensure effective and rapid resolution of any problem with the equipment.


Maintenance service, carried out directly in the company location, will ensure the repair of equipment or replacement of parts.

servizi il magazzino della componentistica, sempre ben rifornito ed assortito, vi darà certezza della disponibilità di parti di ricambio originali in qualsiasi momento, evitandovi tempi di attesa e perdite di tempo