Giacomo Serci
Laundries wetcleaning


Lavatrici ad acquaAll wetcleaning equipment at Giacomo Serci is carefully selected to ensure a professional cleaning,assuring high quality and the utmost care of the cleaned items.

In the wide range of models, there are machines with following load capacities:
Kg 11, 13, 16, 22 for the first model;
16,21 and 35 kg for the second model;
35 and 53 kg for the third model.

Lavatrici ad acquaAll of the machines are equipped with electronic programmers that allow the setting of numerous programs, the number of cycles, the washing temperatures, as well as the desired pauses and direction of rotation of the basket, indispensible for exceptional results especially with delicates.


Lavatrici ad acqua

Available with super centrifuge system or streamlined centrifuge, the wetcleaning equipment of Giacomo Serci is distinguished by aesthetic characteristics, for the elegant design and the variety of sizes, allowing for optimal use of even the smallest space.