Giacomo Serci

EssicatoriAdvanced technology, sturdiness and ease of use distinguish the dryers at Giacomo Serci, available in a wide range of models to satisfy every request and need, even the most complex.

Devised to dry linen with maximum efficiency and in the briefest time possible, they are designed to allow for perfect drying, and to preserve intact the natural properties and softness of fabrics, even the most delicate, like wool and cashmere.

For these delicate fabrics sophisticated drying programs are provided, designed for the purpose of avoiding thermal stress on the fabric.

All of the commercial dryers from Giacomo Serci provide a wide variety of programs, time and temperature settings, and numerous other special functions, for example, control of residual humidity, cool-down, wrinkle-reducing, etc.

The available capacities are Kg 10-16-25-33-55-75-120

RZ Plus da 16 e 25 Kg