Giacomo Serci
Dry cleaning Machines


In forty years of operation, Giacomo Serci has gained solid experience in the choice of the most reliable brands in dry-cleaning.

The constant research and the well-established connections with the producing companies have enabled the company to provide its customers with a broad range of models, which meet the highest requirements of functionality and reliability.

impianti a secco

Easy to use, simple to maintain, the dry-cleaning equipment from Giacomo Serci uses solvents with a base of hydrocarbon or perchlorethylene, ensuring effective antibacterial action and elimination of any stain or odour, even those caused by pollution.



impianti a secco

Endowed with the most stringent international certifications the models below allow you to load: 11/12, 15/17, 18/20, 20/22, 25/30, and 25/40 kg for the first model pictured;

8/10, 11/12, 15/17, and 18/20 kg for the second model pictured.

Moreover, these machines are also highly ranked for reduction in the consumption of water, solvents and energy.