Giacomo Serci
Coin-operated Laundromat

In a world that is becoming increasingly more multiethnic, in cities increasingly inhabited by singles, there are an increasing number of people that have comprised the market of the coin-operated Laundromat and consequently more people investing in opening this service.

Success waits for no one!! The rationalization of time, economic savings and flexible hours of operation mean that more and more people are served by coin-operated Laundromats.

Giacomo Serci has known for some time also that the success in this venture depends on the choice of the right machinery

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Machinery that responds to at least three essential requirements: maximum technological quality, long-lasting and the quality of washing.

This is why Giacomo Serci sells only equipment that is highly tested from the most prestigious firms in the business, that favour low consumption, ease of use, and the certainty of exceptional wash.

The capacity of the coin-operated machines are 6kg, 7kg, 8kg and 18kg

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