Giacomo Serci
Centrifugal Hydroextractors

Don't miss, in the product range of Giacomo Serci, the powerful centrifugal hydroextractors.

Idroestrattori centrifughi

Equiped with portholes in the best set-up to facilitate loading and unloading, allowing the removal of residual water in the clothing and ensuring effective wringing that is essential for proceding to the drying stage.

Solid and sturdy, the centrifugal hydroextractors at Giacomo Serci are available in three different sized models, with respective load capacities of 8/10kg 12/15kg and 18/21kg, amply satisfying the needs of laundromats small, medium and industrial.

FotografiaThe centrifugal hydroextractor Extra-Dry is used to spin down in just a few minutes down jackets, windbreakers, pants, shirts, etc.. A load of 6.2 kg of linen is centrifuged in just four minutes, thanks to the speed of rotation.

The centrifugal hydroextractor Extra-Dry has the exclusive TBS system, a one-of-a-kind security device.This device has two functions; on the one hand it allows the hydroextractor to function only if the lid is closed, and secondly, that the lid will open automatically when the drum is completely stopped. Both functions can easily be chosen with the control knob.

When you have the Extra-Dry you rely on an ally that facilitates your work and with one stroke will prevent the annoying problem of halos, saving time and money, because using the Extra-Dry means the laundry spends less time in the drier and therefore uses less gas.