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What most defines our company is our experience, our professionalism and our many achievements in forty years of operation.
Because of the good thirty-six years that Giacomo Serci has operated in the supply of equipment to small and industrial laundries it ranks as one of the most recognized and appreciated suppliers.

We are distinguished by having quality products and brand names, but what has made us a solid and reliable company is mainly the seriousness and professionalism with which we treat our customers and the attention given to after-sale service and technical support; and the passion and tenacity we put into our work.

In addition to traditional laundries, we supply equipment for coin-operated laundries, industrial chemical, army, hospital, prisons, communities, nursing homes, retirement homes, ecclesiastical communities, resorts, hotel, restaurants and agritourism.

Our customers follow and support us, giving us every day stimulation and motivation to continue to do the work we do.With an ever-increasing desire to do so.


Growth with our customers, growth for our customers.
Towards a mutually satisfying future.

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