Giacomo Serci
Laundries Equipments Giacomo Serci

Signor Giacomo Serci "Have you ever thought of undertaking a new safe and secure opportunity in the Laundries sector? Is it not perhaps true that the greatest difficulty lies in the market positioning and in easily acquiring the expertise to work well and serenely?

Is it not true that in many cases the available funds are not sufficient to guarantee the full success of your idea in the Laundromat sector?The answer to this question is already in our slogan!!!The constant growth and many goals reached in forty years of business are the results of the strong commitment and level of professionalism in the sector of Laundries and installations for Laundromats.

All of our clients, whom we happily call colleagues today, demonstrate tangibly the validity of our advice in the Laundromat sector.If you would like, we would like to guide you towards the right choice for your Laundromat set-up, resolving every technical and financial question, guaranteeing a perfect commercial start-up and ensuring, in every moment the assistance of our technicians.

Contact us, even just for to receive information about financial possibilities, funds or free grants offered by our Banks.Come and visit us, even just to know us better.

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